Wednesday, 3 February 2010

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wardrobe remix

I decided to do something about my lack of motivation to make clothes for myself and joined a sew along in my favorite forum. The idea is that everyone makes 5 garments which can all be worn together, but not neccessarily all at the same time though.

For example, if I make one pair of trousers, one skirt, a shirt, a top and a jumper then I have to be able to wear them in the following combinations:


a few side comments:
-it has to include one bottom, one top and one "topper", eg a jacket or a jumper
-allowed are 1 readymade and 1 accessory
- one patterned fabric has to be included
- a dress can be included but then it needs to fit either a bottom or a top ( and of course the topper)

I made a moodboard that shows you what style I'm aiming for. It's quite different to what I have in my cupboard at the moment and that's why I'm all the more excited about it :)

I'm planning on make some black trousers like the ones in the middle, a shirt with lace, similar to the one at the top, a blue jumper a bit like the one at the top left and possibly a long sleeved shirt out of the patterned fabric. Oh, I'm not sure yet what number five is going to be.

Here are the fabrics I have bought so far. I also have some lace but I'm not quite sure where exactly at the moment. I will have to search for it.


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