Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Getting earthed

Today was one of these restless days. We had family over for easter, lots of food, some talking, more food. I tried to squeeze some studying in as well. Towards the late afternoon, I reached that point where I cannot sit still any more. I get restless, grumpy and unhappy. That's when it is time for me to go outside and dig around in the garden. It sounds funny but since I have been living in big cities, I realised that the best treatment for this ill mood is to go outside, find a little patch of earth and weed it, plant something or even just sit there and play with the earth.

Difficult to find in London but here we have a nice garden so today I sat outside for a while and kept myself busy by weeding the path. I had to flee back inside after about half an hour since it really started pouring with rain but I did manage a few meters and my mood had improved significantely. Mission accomplished. And the little daffodils looked happier too.


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