Saturday, 3 April 2010

I love lists

It's true. I LOVE lists. I make them for anything. To-Do lists for the day, list of things I want to see, reading lists, sewings lists, lists of my work for university, lists of things I like, lists of formulas and shopping lists. They help me get things done, remember all the lovely things I randomly find somewhere and would otherwise forget in no time and keep me organised. What would I do without lists? With some, it makes me happy to cross points of my list, with others it makes me happy to write them and I enjoy just reading though them.

Since I got home to Zurich a few days ago, I wrote myself some new ones. One for all the work I need to do ( that one is loooooong, exams are coming up), one for for all the other things I want or have to do these holidays. I also start my day off by writing myself a short list for the day. That helps me organise my thoughts and gets me motivated to start. In the evening, I usually have managed to cross off most of the points and I go to bed feeling like I accomplised something that day.

I do make a point of putting all the nice things on my list as well. It makes the whole experience so much more enjoyable and it means I keep myself some time free for the things that make me happy as well, not only for work. On the best days, only fun things are written on my list.

My lists are not absolute. If I realised that I will not manage to do everything, I cross them off anyway and move them to tomorrows list. If there is a short-term change in plan, I do the same. Keeps things flexible.

Do you like lists too?


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