Saturday, 25 September 2010


Dear kind old lady...

when my little sister came home from her cello lesson yesterday, she told us how she tried to catch the tram by running. The driver looked at her and drove off. She arrived at the tram stopp out of breath, still carrying her heavy cello. You looked at her, smiled and said "And in a few years, you will be a famous musician and he will still drive that tram."

Thank you, you made our day.


  1. *GG*

    In Frankfurt Tram drivers leave the door open for a few seconds and close it immediately. Then they wait a few minutes until they get the signal that they may drive off, leaving the passengers standing in front of locked doors.

    So next monday I will think: "In a few years I will have lost my bank job, because banks go bancrupt, while he is still a Tram driver." *giggel*

    Well, hopefully I will never loose my sense of humor in my live ;).

  2. Maybe you should also start playing the Cello. ;)

  3. This story made my day too Ricarda! Luckily vancouver bus drivers are nicer but I think just for that comment it was worth missing the tram!


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