Friday, 1 April 2011


Change of luck

Not far from here is a row of very pretty red brick houses with bluish windows, white friezes and a big sky light. I always wonder if they were built for artists, the top floor must be amazingly light. I just have to close my eyes and I can see how I would furnish one of these treasures, even though I have never been inside.

I believe that when they were built, they were situated on an averagely large street, in close proximity of a tube station and not too far from the next busy high street. I'm sure they were sought after and expensive even though they are a little on the small side. Somewhere along the lines they must have had a change of luck, as the street in front of them has significantely grown in size and the noise level is unbearable. Three out of the five bear signs saying "for sale". I'd still want one but it is a pity. I wish I could just pick them up and put them somewhere nicer. Or we should go back to horse drawn carriages.


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