Thursday, 30 June 2011


48 hours to move to the 20's

A few weeks ago I was invited to a "20's barbecue" and of course that means dressing up! However, I don't own anything remotely suitable for such an occasion and dutifully researched, thought about patterns and fabric and makeup, got all excited... and then forgot about it. Until yesterday, when I suddenly realized that said barbecue will take place tomorrow. Panic time! It was past 7 pm, all shops closed, I had neither pattern nor fabric and very little time tonight. So it had to happen yesterday!

Necessity is the mother of invention and I felt slightly reassured after I found these instrctions on the internet: Flapper dress in one hour! That sounded exactly like what I needed. After a quick look at the picture I decided tat I don't really need to spend money on the pattern.

My fabric hunt eventually left me with a (slightly ripped) bedsheet, a matching pillow case and something turquois I dug out of my fabric drawer. I was about to cut the pillowcase open when I realised that it looked more or less like I would fit into it. I did:

So I got my scissors back out, gave it a bit more of a shape and finalized the top. The bedsheet had a pretty pattern just made for the skirt. I only felt a little bad abotu cutting it apart. After adding the skirt, it looked like a dress:

So I quickly put a hem on the edges and was done with the most important bit. Time for a deep breath. It took me more than an hour but I don't think it took longer than two. In the end, this dress consist of four rectangles (or, more precisely: one pillowcase and two rectangles ;) ) This is the simplest dress I have ever made...

However, the dress turned out to be somewhat see-through so I needed something for underneath. Of course, I had no matching fabric (been there before) but I still had this dress I was planning on giving away anyway.

Foolishly I decided to "quickly open the seams and separate the layers" as the bottom layer was perfect for my purpose but the whole thing was too thick and gave the dress an odd shape. Never ever say quickly when opening seams is concerned! It took me an hour and a half. By the end of it, I was so annoyed that I didn't even take a picture. I did sew it back together but the result is sloppy at best.This is partially due to the fact that the material took damage while opening all those seams. You get a picture anyway

I guess it looks alright from a distance. It only needs to last one night anyway. 

Finally I put everything together: Not bad for an evenings work, huh?

I will do my best to get you a proper picture, with makeup, hat and better light tomorrow.


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