Tuesday, 5 July 2011

What I wore today

A few weeks ago I sorted through my wardrobe, deciding which clothes to keep and which to give away so they can find a new home, following the suggestions of Wardrobe Rehab at a "A Pair and a Spare". I admitt to not being as thorough as she was, which is partly due to me not wanting to buy many new things but I did sort out things that are broken, too old or never worn anyway. Theoretically, I now only have things I like, in good condition and that more or less match. Practically, I still have trouble putting together outfits I like.

I thought I will share occasionally what I wore, to give myself an idea where I am going with my outfits and of course for you to have a peek. Here we go, my outfit today:

The shoes promptly fell apart, I hope they can be rescued since they are some of my favorites right now.


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