Saturday, 12 November 2011


Christmas? I've got it planned.

I promise that I have not got out the Christmas decoration quite yet even though I admit that I have been badly tempted. I do already have Christmas on my mind though and to make sure all the present ideas and biscuit recipes don't slip my mind, I made myself a little Christmas planner. It is small enough to ride inside my Filofax and I just take it anywhere, just in case that magical idea comes along.

If you want to make one yourself, you will need:
  • a small notebook. Mine is from Muji and cost about 1£
  • a pencil (and probably an eraser)
  • a black pen
  • small pointy scissors, I just used nail scissors
Open your notebook and draw the shape you want to cut out on the inside of your cover. If you have trouble getting the shape right, why not take something in the shape you like and draw around it? A Christmas ornament or a biscuit cutter would work. Then make a hole in the middle of cour cover and carefully cut out your shape without cutting through the bit you want to keep. Finally, write the year or your name or whatever you want to show through the gap on the first page. Done. :)

Now you just need to fill it with your ideas for presents, christmas card lists, "oh, I definitely must this out"- recipes or decoration ideas.


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