Monday, 21 November 2011

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Snowflake lights

Even though I have a lovely collection of Christmas ornaments, I am sadly lacking candles so I made these little lights out of things I had lying around anyway. Super easy, cheap and they look absolutely lovely. I plan on keeping them up long after Christmas. They have a winter theme so it's allowed!

If you want one yourself, you will need:

  • an empty jar (mine used to contain jam ;) ), no lid needed
  • normal printer paper
  • a nice ribbon that is long enough to be tied around your jar
  • a candle
  • a ruler
  • scissors
Now, measure the height of your jar and cut a strip of paper as wide as your jar is high.

Fold up the right hand corner such that it meets the left hand edge and cut it off. You now have a square piece of paper. Put the strip of paper aside.

Fold up the lower left corner to the upper right corner.

Fold the upper left corner onto the upper right corner. Now, if your piece of paper is already tiny, skip the next step.

Fold the lower left corner up to the upper right corner again, if this is still more or less comfortably possible.

Now, take out your scissors again and find, on your folded piece, the corner that has the loose ends. This should be your right hand corner, if you followed my steps exactly. Cut this corner off, either in a semicircle or in a straight cut. Both is fine. If you followed my steps all the way, look at the picture to find the right corner. If you didn't do the last step, you have to cut from the upper left corner to the lower long edge.

Now for the magical step: Cut out little triangles from all sides of your folded piece of paper. Make sure you only cut out triangles and don't cut off one edge completely! I tend to just distribute my triangles randomly and try to cut out as many as possible withouth making it too fragile. In the picture, the folded piece is the one next to the scissors.

Open up your folded piece of paper and admire your paper snowflake!

Repeat the steps until you have three different snowflakes of roughly equal size.

Now, tie the snowflakes around your jar using your ribbon. If they really don't want to stay in place, use some glue. Mine where fine without it.

Put in a candle and enjoy. :)


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