Thursday, 12 January 2012

Taking care of an old friend

I initially learned to sew on my mothers machine, a Pfaff Hobbymatic 917 which is distinctly older than I am. It has put up with much bad treatment on my part and steadily helped me through many projects so when my mother mentioned that it was having trouble lately, I decided to give it a thourough clean and see if it would fix it. I'm glad to report that it did.

I haven't even dared stripping my new machinge this bare out of fear of breaking something. This one here is still one of those lovely mechanical models where one can see exactly how the buttons and different stitches work. One of the buttons was very stiff. After removing a little thread and treating it to some oil, it's as good as new.

Even though my computerized version has many advantages, there is something about these mechanical models that it just can't live up to. But then, this machine and I have an old love relationship that hasn't quite died yet ;)

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  1. Gut dass ich es erst hinterher gesehen habe!! Aber vielen Dank :-)


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