Sunday, 26 February 2012


Lunch planning the week

A few weeks ago, I started to pedantically write down everything I spend and I realised something unpleasant: I am overspending. Not by much, mind, but I am and I think the main reason are lunch and snacks and drinks while studying in the library (and things like the lovely coat in the last post... ). So, that has got to stop.

First I thought I'd just make a plan, go shopping once and then see how well I fare on it but I realised that isn't going to work. Us four share food and the fridge is fairly full at the moment. I'm not going to buy a whole pack of carrots while also having some left over ones from last week go off in the fridge. So, I am going to play the game the other way around: Make a plan, write down exactly what I use in sticking to it and add it all up at the end of the week.

During a full day in Uni, I eat lunch, have a snack in the form of a cupcake or something similar and get myself a drink to supplement the water I get for free. The aim of this week is to spend NO MONEY at all on lunch, snacks and drinks while also living healthily and without going hungry.

I calculated that if I would spend 29.50 £ in Uni in a week so that's the aim to beat!

Snacks: Bake a batch of cupcakes and flapjacks. That makes for some variety and since there will be too much, my flatmates can have some and I can get away with hiding the rest. That avoids the cupcake related drama which would otherwise occur and makes sure I actually get some ;) Also, basic cupcakes and flapjacks are cheap and filling. To make it a little healthier, I am going to supplement it with fruit.

Monday: Pasta Bolognese
Tuesday: Potatoes with leftover Bolognese and some veggies
Wednesday: Pitabread with some form of filling
Thurday: More Bolognese
Friday: More Pitabread with filling, possibly a side salat

Somewhat monotonous? Yep but the alternative in Uni would be the ever same selection of about 8 sandwiches, which isn't any more varied than what I am taking so that's fine. Wish me luck!


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