Friday, 30 March 2012



I'm so proud of our little garden at the moment, I just had to show you some pictures. Above you can see one of the plants from last year which actually came back and is already flowering again.

I believe these are Forget-Me-Nots, which were badly attacked by snails and ants last year. Look how amazingly they bounced back! I can even see the first few buds in the centre of the plants so we might actually get flowers this year.

Mr Robin kept me company while I was pottering about. He doesn't seem to be building his nest any more and I haven't seen Mrs Robin for a few days so I think there might be family on the way.

This used to be a 1 m high, majestic nightshade that treated us to some lovely flowers last year. Then the snails got to it and look at it now. It's barely alive, it's companion is completely dead already. I'm so sad. We have a serious slug and snail problem. Last year I tried to collect them periodically and every few days or so, I'd pick up to 30 of them off our three square meters of garden. Also, we are not talking tiny cute snails like here, we are talking seriously huge Burgundy Snails and giant slugs. They ate EVERYTHING. Even though I'm really not a fan of poison in the garden, this year I am not having the same thing happening again so poison and meticulous collecting it is. Keep your fingers crossed with me that the nightshade will pull trough.

More daffodils have opened by now. Together with some red and white daisies (which I got for a pound at the local garden center because one of the flours had broken. Crazy world ) they provide the only spots of colour at the moment but I'm hopeful that the rest of the plants will catch up.

I found this jar in one of our cupboards and I believe it used to belong to the Misters grandparents. I got laughed at by my flatmates when I pointed out that it's so peculiar, I it's beyond bad and has gone back to nice, and was called a "granny". They just don't have any taste ;)

 My little seed collection is somewhat limited at the moment. There are some herbs, lots and lots of poppy seeds and four little packages I evidently forgot to label. I do remember collecting some pot marigold and hollyhock seeds so they must be in there but I have no idea what the other two might be. Oh well, I love surprises.

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  1. You can take those snails and make escargot! That's what my boyfriend's grandparent's do! I posted my first experience with escargot at Christmas. Have you tried them?

    1. I have been considering that but I don't want to eat anything I find and accidentally poison myself or get ill. There are foxes around here, and rats and pigeons and snail poison and lots of garbage and more cleaning products than I want to think off. I'm just too afraid. Also, snails are hard to clean properly.


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