Tuesday, 15 May 2012



End of the day tree

Sometimes, when we laugh together and call each other silly names, I wish I could catch the moment in a jar. I want to keep it on my shelf, to open again when times are darker and when the lightness is gone. One twist of the lid, and it all comes back: the pointless jokes and funny faces, the happy feelings and the silliness. The tickling and chasing each other, the skipping and singing and smiling. I want to watch it chase the sadness away, the silence and the brooding, want to see it fill the room once more when laughter seems far away.


  1. Such a lovely thought, so beautifully written.

  2. Beautiful and quite magical! I can picture exactly what you describe ;)

  3. Behaupte nie wieder, du könntest deine Gedanken nicht in wunderschöne Worte fassen. Ich glaub dir das nämlich nicht. ;)


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