Monday, 4 June 2012

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boats on themse
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So, the Queen has been a queen for 60 yearts. Quite impressive! Only Queen Victoria has ruled longer so far. Of course, that warants a big celebration and where would be a better place for a huge boat pageant in honour of the Queen than on the Thames, watched by half of London?

I unfortunately did not get a picture of the actual royal barge because by the time it came along, it was raining so hard that I did not want to take my camera out. However, I’m proud to say that I have now seen the Queen, even though I was too far away to actually make her out. I still think it counts. Despite the rain, it was great fun to watch the boats on the river. I was lucky to find a spot where I could actually see. It might have involved climbing up some barriers but we won't tell anybody about that.


  1. 60 Jahre sind schon echt der Hammer!
    Schade mit dem Regen... wobei, irgendwie ist das ja auch wieder sehr englisch. :)

    1. Das habe ich auch kurz gedacht aber als es dann anfing queer zu regnen war es mir doch ein bisschen zu viel...Immerhin konnte ich den Tag so mit einer sehr englischen (und wohl verdienten) Tasse Tee abrunden.

  2. I saw it on tv and it was quite, quite impressive! You are so lucky you got to be there!

    1. You probably saw more than I did. I loved being there though, so many people in crazy outfits with a smile on their face! It was great.

    2. And the great thing about the outfits is: They can just keep them for the upcoming europe cup! =)

    3. True but I'm not sure the same kind of people watch the queen and the Europe cup :D


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