Saturday, 7 July 2012

crotchet hat
What you see above is not a hat even though it would probably dispute this claim if you asked it. It is in fact my camera case. I do admit that it is less than ideal for a camera case so I have been meaning to replace it for ages. I wanted to make myself one of these well padded versions you can buy in a shop but I had one serious problem with that plan. For the life of me, I could not find proper foam to use as padding. I’ve been checking art shops and craft shops for months but this morning, I stumbled across a market stall selling foam in all varieties for upholstery. The only downside is that they wanted 10 pounds for a fairly large piece. I didn’t want to pay 10 £ and I didn’t want that much foam either. Some haggling later, I walked away paying 3 £ for some pieces left over from cutting something else.
Foam board
I love Shepherds Bush market for that kind of thing. It isn’t what you would expect from an English market at all as it caters mainly for the Middle Eastern Community that lives in the area. It sells pretty much anything, from giant pots for cooking, gaudy wedding dresses, five kilogram sacks of rice all the way to goldfish. I think it is generally great how multicultural London is. The supermarkets are a perfect example: Just the other day, Tesco (one of the biggest supermarket chains) sent us a “Ramadan special offers” leaflet. When I went shopping there yesterday, I stumbled across 10 kg sacks of Chapati Flour, produced by “Tesco Everyday Value”, which is the supermarkets own cheap brand.The “foreign food” section includes one with Polish food, the meat sections sells Halal produce and buying things like Plantain, water spinach or Yam is possible every day. It really shows just how normal variety is here. I love it.


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