Wednesday, 17 October 2012


My first quilt

This project has been a seriously long time in the making. I started with this quilt even before I moved out to go to university. At the time, I just patch worked the pieces together. Later, I added the rim and bought the wadding and the fabric for the back, before tossing it all back into another corner for two years. I am proud to announce that I finally finished it!

Quilt 2

In the grand scheme of things, it’s nothing special. I have seen so many splendid quilts lately that I’m actually a little embarrassed to show this one. It has a very simple pattern and there are more mistakes in it than I am willing to think about. But, it’s my first quilt and I really enjoy the feeling of sleeping under a blanked I have made myself.


The quilt already contains quite a lot of memories. One of the dark green fabrics is left over linen from a medieval dress I made for my sister. The light green material used to be curtains in my old room, the stripy fabric was left over from making some pillow cases. I actually died the really dark green fabric by hand, many years ago, when I was making a hobbit costume for a friend of mine.


  1. Das ist doch eine schön Patchwork-Decke! :-) Wie groß ist sie?

    1. Danke :) Sie bedeckt ein Einzelbett komplett. Ich habe leider gerade kein Massband da, aber ich würde schätzen so ca 2x1.2 m?

  2. Ich find die auch toll! Nur weil andere Abarts-Kunstwerke fabrzieren, ist deine Decke doch trotzdem nicht weniger besonders. Außerdem sind die Farben sehr schön. :)

    1. Danke :) Ich mag sie ja auch gerne, ich bin nur immer so beeindruckt wenn andere komplizierte Kunstwerke produzieren. Vielleicht beim nächsten Mal.


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