Thursday, 15 November 2012


Still crafting

Fabric yarn

I’m sorry it’s been a little quiet on the crafting front lately. I have made some things but some of them, I can’t show you yet. The two things I have been meaning to show you still haven’t been photographed properly, thanks to the weather outside. I’m working on it.

So the only new development I can show you is the new crochet hook I bought. Look at that colour! Have I mentioned that I really don’t know how to crochet?


  1. I don't know how to crochet either but I really want to learn it from my grandma! The crochet hook is amazing, I love love love the colour. What are you going to do with those fabric strings? I think I already saw them on your blog but I forgot what you use them for.

    1. I was going to make a small rug for the bathroom, to counteract the puddle that tends to form in front of the shower. I might change my mind at some point though, it seems like a big project to start with.

  2. I dunno, I think something "messy" like this might be a good thing to start because it seems to forgive smaller mistakes :)
    But of course a rug will have to get big in size, so you could practice with some yarn first and just do something small. But if you never crocheted before I guess you don't have other crochet hooks at home? I love crocheting and I think it's not a very difficult skill to master. I've got this book: and find it really useful, it has good pictures and so on.. but I think you can also find good tutorials on Youtube :) I learned some new stitches (well not for crocheting of course, but there's a crafty side to Youtube, that's what I mean) over there, just have a look :)

    Are you planning to make a sqaure, rectangle or a round rug? :)

    1. A round one and it won't be very big. I have already got a certain way but it's refusing to lie flat and I'm not sure why. A little annoying. Apart from that, I'm loving it :)


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