Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Speaking of advent calendars

Adventcalendar 5

Just like last year, I made advent calendars for my three housemates but instead of boring you with all of them, I will just show you the one I made for the Mister since he got the most elaborate one.

Adventcalendar 1

I went a bit crazy with the content this year. My housemates have a small sweet and part of a short story every day but with the Mister, I got somewhat overexcited and split a 1000 piece puzzle into 24 little piles. That way, he gets a hand full of pieces every day, as well as the story and the sweet, and we can do the puzzle together as Christmas approaches. Fingers crossed I didn’t loose one somewhere.

Adventcalendar 4


  1. Haha, the puzzle idea is amazing and I would love to get prt of a short story in my calender :) You have such great ideas!

    1. I really like that we can do the puzzle together. It's like a quality time advent calendar. :)


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