Saturday, 18 May 2013

Catching up



What has changed:

  • I have been accepted to do a PhD in Astrophysics at the University of Oxford and I absolutely cannot wait to start.
  • My hair got longer and now reaches my waist.
  • I have significantly added to my collection of baking tins.
  • I have become somewhat better at talking to people (still working on that one).
  • I have dragged myself out of the emotional hole I fell into as Christmas approached.
  • I started exercising (semi-) regularly
  • The Mister got a job so the daily routine has changed somewhat.
  • My paper has been accepted for publication.
  • My little garden finally looks like I wished it would.

What hasn't changed:

  • I still live in the same flat in the same city in the same country.
  • I'm still on a gap year, looking for direction
  • I still complain about my flatmates and secretly love them dearly.
  • I still have many plans and trouble executing them.
  • I still eat all the chocolate I can get my hands on.
  • I still giggle too much and smile too little


All in all, life feels pretty similar to when we last spoke. How have you been getting on?


  1. Woho! Congratulations for the Ph.D. position!

    My paper got rejected by "Nonlinearity" and is now under revview in "Chaos, Solitons and Fractals". It is very hard to publish a paper, if you are not working for a scientific institution :-(.

    Yes, the cchocolate problem. Today I bought a black Toblerone. I intended to eat it next week. But in the train a few hours ago, i tasted the dekicious first piece and could not stop ...

    Black Toblerone is incredibly delicious, because it immediately melts in the mouth.

  2. I can imagine! On that note: I still have your paper on my kindle. I had a quick glance at it and it seemed fine. Let me know if you are reviewing it again for something and I will go though it again with a fine comb.

    Oh god, I know. I should never open a bar of chocolate if I'm not okay with finishing it. It will happen anyway...

  3. Congratulations for your Phd position! Do you have something like a deadline? (Finish phd in 3 years or so?)
    Also great, that your paper has been accepted.
    I like that kind of a list as a review what has been changed. (The chocolate thing shouldn't be in.. :D)

    I finally quit my job and start a new in June. Hopefully this one makes me happy.

    1. I am meant to finish it in 3 years but I have funding for 3.5 which might possibly be extended to 4 years so there is some leeway. I like the idea of having an early deadline that will make me do things but having some room just in case it doesn't work.

      Good luck for your new job! I will keep all fingers crossed for you :)


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