Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Planning a tea party


It has been almost two years since I hosted my last tea party and that is definitely too long. Sunday happens to be my half-birthday and since I never got round to celebrating the last one so I'm rolling both into one and having a half-birthday tea party next Sunday.

The invitations went out ages ago and 16 people are coming along. Today I set about solving the crockery problem. I'm planning on making home-made lemonade and as I happened to drop our water jug a few weeks ago I needed replacements. Luckily we have some great charity shops around here so I treated myself to an afternoon of thrifting. 

I ended up finding a carafe, a jug and a metal tea pot and spent only about 10 pounds. I love charity shops.


I went into another shop planning to buy paper cups and napkins but a cake stand and another bottle somehow magically ended up in my basket as well. I never know how this happens….


For some obscure reason our cupboards contain large stacks of small plates. Normally they are nuisance but this time I’m quite glad. Together with a whole collection of tea cups, my usual tea pot and a few other bits and pieces I should have presentation covered by this point.



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