Sunday, 20 July 2014

Remember June 2012, when I cut up an old top into yarn? And how about November 2012, when I tried and failed to turn it into a carpet?

I finally succeeded and turned all that yarn, that I have been collecting over the last couple of years, into a carpet! I have used old tshirts, shorts, tops, a dress and fabric scraps. Any type of jersey left over went into it.

It will keep my feet nice and warm in winter. I love how this project finally turned out. I especially love that apparently my wardrobe is so colour coordinated that it all nicely fits together. ;)


  1. It lloks cute and matches the colours in your blog! I guess you have a personal colour scheme going on... ;)

  2. I do indeed. If I wasn't careful, everything would end up being turquois. *laughs* My mother at some point said that I wear sea colours and I guess she is right.


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