Sunday, 7 March 2010


Brick Lane

Today was one of these days I love living in London. What better things are there in life than waking up comfortably in your own bed, meeting up with a few friends and then spending the next few hours digging through a lively market? That's what I did all day today.

The market on Brick Lane is truly amazing. It's a crazy mixture of vintage, small designers, junk, cheap imports from China and some real flea market, well spiced with a truly international mix of food, street musicians and lots of quirky people. All in all, it's great fun. I never go home without buying a few things. Today they included a bunch of tulips, some small mother of pearl buttons, a role of patterned paper and a pack of green tea with cherry. If I had lot of money, I would spent a significant portion of it there.

That little restaurant in the red bus serves amazing vegan food by the way. :)


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