Wednesday, 12 May 2010


cupcake love

I always admired people whith big collections of things, just because I liked the thought of sitting there and going though it and enjoying every piece. I think it's one of those instincts left from the "hunter-gatherer" way of life. As much as I try to limit my possessions for practical reasons, a few things just keep turning up on my doorsteps.

Some collections I started on purpose, like buttons and postcards, others just happened. One of these "just happened" is my cupcake liner collection. This is a very organic collection, it grows and shrinks and changes over time because the best way to improve a pretty cupcake liner is to put a yummy cupcake inside it.

I love making cupcakes. I bake quite a lot myself because I can't eat most sweet things found in a bakery as I'm lactose intolerant. Unfortunately that means I can't digest milk. I'll spare you the details but on the positive side, I have got quite good at making vegan cupcakes, vegan cakes and all sorts of other sweets myself. They have to be vegan because my boyfriend doesn't like eating egg. Yes, it makes cooking complicated but we cope just fine. It just requires a little more creativity. I just made a huge batch of chocolate cupcakes today for my climbing friends tomorrow but they don't look very good on photographs so I'll show you the pretty paper liners instead. They taste amazing though, if I may say so myself. :)

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  1. Dieee sind ja süß! Ich würd mich ja gar nicht trauen, die zu verwenden...und so würden sie wohl jahrelang ungenutzt bei mir rumliegen :"D


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