Wednesday, 19 May 2010


A well travelled visitor

In October I was asked if I would be willing to help out one of my former babysitting girls. Of course I would! I had almost forgotten about it but a week ago, I suddenly received a mysterious letter. It turned out to be a paper doll which the girl sends round to all her friends all over the world. It was my job now to write her a postcard about the dolls adventures. It really reminded me of Felix which I loved as a child and it made me even more eager to send her something nice.

Not having much free time at the moment, I decided to show the little doll a day in my life. We went to lectures...

...and then we spent some time studying.

In the break,we had a look at the squirres in Hyde Park.

We visited the Peter Pan statue...

...and we spend some time at home.

I admitt to not being able to restrict myself to just one postcard. She will get a little more than that but I had so much fun putting the set together. I hope she will enjoy receiving it. I put the postcard in anyway but supplemented it with a letter (in pink, with cupcakes and butterflies) and a pack of photographs.

Now the doll will take up its journey again and visit the next friend. In the meantime, my pack is going to go straight the the little girl.


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