Monday, 7 February 2011


7 things

I saw a very sweet weekly post over at one of my favorite blogs, Every Sunday, she will post seven things she used that day. I decided to join her so here we go.

my camera - Unfortunately my camera is broken. I brought it to the shop today but the nice guy behind the counter only returned it to me with a sad smile. No hope saving it. Which is why this post has to be done with borrowed pictures instead of my own.

my lab book - I spent the vast majority of today writing a lab report about the Hall effect. On the bright side, I am slowly beginning to understand what the experiment was actually about.

a cupcake - I made a batch of really nice cupcakes yesterday and I totally had one of them for breakfast today

my contact juggling ball - I'm not very good yet but I am determined

some chopsticks - we went out for chinese food for dinner :)

lots of laundry - occasionally, those chores need to be done

my new hairband - I got it aw few days ago and today was the day to finally wear it out. I love it, it's all girly and sparkly


  1. 7 Things is a nice and funny ... ehem ... thing :-).

    Is it about the quantum hall effect? Im not very proficient or better said clueless about this effect. But with the ordinary Hall effect I could help.

  2. It is the ordinary Hall effect and I have by now pretty much figured out what is going on but thanks for the offer.

    I'm just a bit annoyed that my data could have been so much better had I understood the experiment better while doing it. Oh well, at least I have enough to write about in my report. :)


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