Sunday, 20 February 2011

7 things

It's sunday again!

headphones - best way to listen to music without disturbing everybody else.

glasses - we had some friends over last night and obviously, somebody had to do the cleaning up

laundry - it's sunday, remember?

secateurs - we went into the offensive as far as the jungle in our garden is concerned. It looks much better already.

laptop - time to do some work. No, I won't mention it has to be done tomorrow.

Scissors - Late night sewing sessions are the way to go about  it. So looking forward to the result.

a men's shirt - see above and stay tuned for the result.


  1. Hey, sag mal hats du die Bilder selbst gemacht? Die sind ja wahnsinn, vor allem das Glas und die Wäsche :)

  2. Nein, leider nicht. Meine Kamera ist kaputt und ich kann im moment nur eine sehr schlechte Verwenden. Ich würde gerne alle Photos selber machen aber dazu brauche ich erst wieder eine Kamera.



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