Saturday, 26 February 2011

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Down with the Jungle!

 Please imagine the title being yelled by the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland. I saw the oldest Alice in Wonderland movie ever yesterday and it is so incredibly sweet. Have a look here, Alice in Wonderland from 1903. I can't believe that this movie is actually over a hundred years old. When it was made, it was the longest cinema movie at the time with a whole 12 minutes. Oh, how things have changed.

Anyway, what I was actually trying to tell you is: we made some progress and managed to trim down the vast majority of the jungle in our little garden. Look how much space we suddenly have! And we even found some proper flower beds.

As you can see, we now need to get rid of all the things we cut of. Luckily, this just involves a call to our local council but first we need to get some bags and string so we can gather things in a way that they can actually be collected. Then we need to go and get some compost, work it into the flower beds and get planting. I can't wait!

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  1. Sieht genau aus wie in meinen Gartenbüchern... englische Hofgärten scheinen grundsätzlich immergrün bepflanzt zu sein. =)
    Wird sicher sehr schön. Ich bin gespannt wie's weiter geht. :-)


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