Friday, 18 February 2011

The Jungle

Our house this year has a little courtyard in front which we lovingly call "The Jungle". After a look at the pictures I'm sure you will understand.

 As you can see, it is pretty overgrown with all sorts of things. I'm generally not even sure what the plants actually are.There is a lot of foliage but very few flowering plants.

 Does anyone know what this one is called?

However, for London even this is amazing and I would really love to turn it into a space we actually use. I'm thinking evenings out with a glass of wine and barbecue parties with friends here. 

So, I have been nagging my flatmates and finally they agreed to help me with some of the heavier work. A fair number of these bushes will have to go, especially the one on the picture above. It blocks out any of the remaining sun and it is shady enough as it is.

Watch ous as we attempt to tame the Jungle.


  1. Maybe the unknown plant is a Rhododendron?

  2. Maybe. I'll watch it and see if it develops any flowers which should make it easier :)



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