Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Here in London, spring is definitely almost there already.I still smile at every single flower I see though. I love this part of spring when every little thing makes me happy. Time to get seriously gardening soon! We just have to keep our fingers crossed that frost doesn't come back and kill it all.

To keep with the spirit, I used my extra energy today and clear out my room. I'm so proud of myself, I actually finished the task! I sorted through my wardrobe and prepared some things to be given away, I cleaned up all the chests of drawers, sorted through my folders, cleared stuff out under the bed and hoovered the room. Now it is so nice and tidy, it makes me feel all happy every time I go in. Yes, I am a bit strange and love things neat. Everything in my room has a place. I guess somebody did finally hear my mothers prayers from the last fifteen years and took pity on her. I can assure you, this is a fairly recent development and has surprised me most of all.

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