Saturday, 24 September 2011

I love rain

Remember I was talking about collecting leaves a few days ago?I found these on a walk through the forest. We set of while it was grey and dry but while we were out, walking up a lovely stream nearby, it began to drizzle, then to rain and finally to come pouring down. It took us a good fifteen minutes to get home but I really didn't mind. Have I mentioned already that I love rain, as long as it doesn't last for days? Sitting inside with tea is nice but spontaneously getting drenched outside makes me happy more often than not. As a child, I would sometimes deliberately stand in the garden when it was raining. Even when riding my bike in London, and I get drenched all the way through, I can arrive at home smiling. It's admittedly not so nice while going to univeristy, as I don't like sitting in my wet clothes all day. I prefer to have a hot shower waiting at the end. My flatmates thing I am crazy. I am not entirely sure why but two things that really clear my head are strong wind and heavy rain (separately please, both together is not nice).

Do you like rain or does it make you miserable?

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  1. Ich ordne mich dann auch bei den regenliebenden Menschen ein. Ich könnt manchmal eine extra Runde mit dem Rad drehen, wenn es regnet. Das Geräusch des Regens auf imprägnierten Stoff finde ich auch sehr beruhigend und schön.


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