Saturday, 29 October 2011

Escape to the country

To celebrate our anniversary, the Mister and I took advantage of one of the many deals one can unearth from the depths of the internet and went to a fance hotel for a night. We ended up at Down Hall in Hertfordshire, not too far from London.

On the way there, we had to pass the worst hail and rain I have seen in England so far. Luckily, I wans't driving as I would have been so scared, I would probably just have stopped on the motorway. However, thanks to the Misters cool head, we made it there safely and were greeted by beautiful sunshine and my first ever afternoon tea. This little cake is all that survived from what was a fairly large stack of sandwiches, scones ( still learning how to correctly pronounce those) and an the most adorable assortment of tiny cakes.

I so have to invite some friends round and organise an afternoon tea myself. I already put it on my list of things I definitely have to do as soon as possible. (Trust me, that list is scarily long). To hold up the clichee, we actually took a walk after tea and as worn-out as this phrase may be: It was great to get out of the city and walk down a forest path for a change.

Even the single day away provided a mini-holiday and I enjoyed leaving all work behind. Instead, I took a book I have been reading for a while: "The storyteller" by Mario Varga Llosa, which I am sadly enough reading in German. It's definitely time to brush up on my spanish soon! Any good tricks on how to do this, without too much effort and preferably in a fun way? I despise learning long lists of words by heart and I am bound to forget them within days anyway.


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