Monday, 5 December 2011


A joy a day keeps the sadness away.

Do you remember the absolutely awesome advent calender my mother made me last year? Well, I got another one and it is at least as amazing as the last one. Lovingly put together by my mother, it adds some real Christmas feeling to my room and makes getting up in the morning that much nicer as in, I can't wait to get up which, trust, me, isn't the usually we do things around here. She jokingly said that she will probably still be making them by the time she is eighty. You won't find me complaining, I will still be enjoying them by the time I am sixty, I promise. Thank you so much, Mama. You are the best.


  1. Toll, da würd ich mich auch jederzeit drüber freuen! =)

  2. Your mums advent calendar looks absolutely gorgeous!


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