Monday, 16 January 2012

Now better connected

At Christmas, I finally joined the wonderful world of the smartphone owners. Oh yes, get ready for lots of blurry pictures taken somewhere in a rush. However, the new lovely of course needed adequate protection so I made this little cover from things I had lying around.
The stripy lining is left from the tea cosy, the mother of pearl button comes from my small collection and the string was a shoe lace in its last life. The outer fabric is normally used by my mother to make the canvases she paints on, it found its way to me as a gift wrapping for my birthday. The lovely edge is actually part of the fabric and since it was the sturdiest fabric in my collection, I think its perfect.


  1. Hm, ich will ja unbedingt ein iphone - nur wegen instagram....

  2. Ich auch ;)

    Ich habe jetzt ein Android und bin noch auf der Suche nach einem guten "Instagramm für Android". Zum Glück lässt sich ein ähnlicher Effekt recht gut am PC nachbauen aber so mit App wäre es natürlich noch besser.


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