Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Planning my time, my way

As much as I loved my filofax, I think I have mentioned before that it doesn't entirely work for me. Or rather, it didn't entirely work for me. Who came up with the idea that one needs less planning space for the weekend? If anything, I need more! Why do the times, on the lined ones, only go until 7 pm?  Surely people plan something for the evening? Clearly, the planner was made for a business person, which I am not.

I looked around but couldn't find the sort of thing I liked so I made some pages myself. I loved the idea of having a reminder of all the nice things to do in a few spare minutes in the middle, so I made my own version of that as well. The yellow sheet with the numbers is just a large post-it with all my academic work to do.

Most important change to the shop-bought pages? My week starts on a saturday, not a monday. I find it really convenient and it takes the dread out of monday somehow. After all, monday is now almost the middle of the week. It also fits nicely into my budgeting, which goes from saturday to friday.

I absolutely love how it turned out and I am so glad that I made my own. These days, I take my filofax everywhere, smartphone or no smartphone. It was really easy too! If I get round to it, I might make you a tutorial in a few days.


  1. I like it! My hunt for the perfect diary this year led me to one that is half diary, half notebook (yay!) but alas it is only A5 so the diary part is really too small. I use my Blackberry too as an ongoing notepad though, the calendar on there confuses me, ha ha!

    1. I tried using my smartphone to replace the filofax but it is somehow not the same. There is something about paper that I'm not willing to give up yet.


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