Thursday, 9 February 2012


Bento without box

My Japanese Sister always told me off when I called my lunchbox a "bento box" because apparently bento already means box so I was calling it a "box box". Admittedly, this is not very logical.

I made this one entirely from scratch in the morning, it took about 20 minutes between me entering the kitchen and having the whole thing ready. I tend to eat my breakfast while cooking as well to speed it up even more. I'm not a morning person so I stay in bed as long as absolutely possible which then means things can't take a long time.

This lunch consists of fried vegetables which include courgettes, onions, carrots and spring onions as well as some fried sausages. As a side, I hade some couscous and for desert, there were apple and plum.

For me, taking my lunch has so many advantages. It's cheap, uses up leftovers in the fridge, is exactly to my taste and saves me from the overpriced but often still horrible sandwiches I would otherwise eat. I love it, except during these moments when I open my bag and realise one of the lids wasn't shut properly. Luckily, this hasn't happened in quite a long time.


  1. Jamjam, das schaut gut aus! Ich versuch abends vor der Arbeit zu kochen, damit ich nicht auswärts essen muss. Manchmal schaff ich es nicht, dann muss es Nudeln mit Pesto geben... Nudeln passt grad so in mein Morgenprogramm :D

    1. Nudeln mit Pesto ist auch immer mein Notfall plan aber hier kann es schonmal passieren, dass sowohl Nudeln als auch Pesto leer sind. Dann bleibt wirklich nur noch Reis mit Ketchup und das ist mir dann doch ein bisschen wenig.

  2. Yummy, great idea! I love making food at home that tastes way better than store bought and I agree with you that it's way overpriced! I'm always in for the best value! P.s. I really love your blog but have no way to contact you...twitter? email?


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