Sunday, 5 February 2012

Captain, change ahead!

I am not entirely happy with the way my blog has been going lately. It is almost three years old already and I still feel like I am finding my way.  Somehow, it all feels a bit disjointed and random and not entirely me. In an attempt to rectify it, I have been making plans behind the scenes and collected ideas but somehow it didn't quite click yet. Then I say Susannah Connway's course "Blogging from the Heart" advertised on her (absolutely amazing) blog, and signed up in a snap decision. I'm hoping that this will be axactly the kind of thing I need right now: some guidance on how to improve my blog and a fixed commitment to keep me going during this academically very busy time. I've been burried so much under books lately that I had little time and energy for anything else and I am so not happy with that. Bear with me, it will be great fun. I really can't wait for it to start.


  1. Disjointed ... hmmm ... Well IMHO your blog is quite mixed. Thats why I find sometimes interesting contributions.

  2. DOn't worry, it will stay quite mixed. I'm not very much of a one track person and would get bored quickly I think.


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