Wednesday, 15 February 2012

"Stir with a knife, stir up strife"

I'm seriously considering wether I accidentally offended a fairy on sunday or crossed path with a black cat or something. After it was all going so well on saturday, things just haven't gone to plan since.

The dress is getting there but I have had to make three attempts at connecting top and skirt, four at getting the should seams right and have just started my second attempt at putting the zip in. Apart from that, my laptop decided that asking it to start up on Monday morning is just too much so I had to reinstall windows (Which I only did about a week ago...) On top of that, I tried my hand at making unbaked cheesecake for the first time on Monday. The cake didn't set properly but luckily the birthday girl didn't mind.

 On a more positive note, the dress is (sloooooooooooooowly) getting ready and at least the cake tasted great. Also, it was over ten degrees warm today and I could swear I can smell spring coming up.

Edit from Thursday morning: Did I say bad luck? Here is some more: While trying to finish the dress last night, my sewing machine abandoned me and I had to do most of the remaining work by hand. I did get it more or less ready but when I took it out the washing machine this morning, I discovered that the white markings hat not disappeared from the fabric. I think something is trying to prevent me from wearing this dress...


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