Sunday, 12 February 2012

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Getting dressed

I'm glad to report that there has been some progress on the dress. It's actually pretty far already and I should definitely be able to finish it for thursday. I tried to take the pattern of a dress from my wardrobe but that didn't work amazingly well. However, with much adjustment I believe it fits me now so it's all good.  It looks a bit frumpy in the picture because the back is still open.

Still to do:
close the shoulder seams
Hem the lace neckline and the straps
actually sew the skirt to the top (it's currently just pinned)
hem the black layer
put in the zip (I'm dreading this so it will definitely be done last...


  1. Das ging doch mal schnell. Bin mal gespannt auf das Ergebnis.
    Ich hab heute auch ganz viel an meinem 20er Jahre Kleid rumgedoktert. Hoffe das geht auch so schnell voran :)

  2. Looking forward to seeing it! Enjoy the opera.


  3. Warum fahre ich zum Einkaufen dann nach Mailand?? Du kannst es ja viiiel besser :-) Havve a nice evening in the opera!

  4. It looks already really cool and not at all frumpy.... respect, I'm sure it will be done in time :)

  5. Thanks everybody, I think I will make it. :)


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