Thursday, 23 February 2012


Two in one stencil cards

There are a few people I try to stay in contact with via snail mail, most importantly my grandparents. I occasionalyl write letters but often I am too lazy don't have the time so I send a postcard instead. I absolutely love patterns of all varieties, especially on stained glass windows so I was trying to recreate a similar effect here.

As a 2-in-1 effect, I abused one of the patterns I cut as a stencil. Using some blue watercolour, I created the second card from the left and then glued the stencil onto a white background to act as a card itself (the one on the right): It worked brilliantely, same amount of work, twice as many pretty cards. I like it.


  1. Die ganz rechts find ich sogar am schönsten. =)

  2. These are lovely Zelde! I really like the blue and white colour combination.


    1. I know, I was surprised my little watercolour box managed such a vivd shade of blue.

  3. Actually that is a really good idea. Simple but elegant.


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