Tuesday, 27 March 2012


 I will tell you a secret: I have an infinite capacity for sleeping. Unfortunately, I also have a bad habit of staying up late so the result is that I tend to sleep until lunchtime. After finally getting up, I feel bad for having wasted so much of the day and, to make matters worse, I generally feel pretty groggy as well.

But, ladies and gentlemen, not today! I woke up at 7:50, got up voluntarily five minutes later and was on my bike to go running by 8:05 (I NEVER exercise in the morning) Now, two hours later, I have done some exercise, showered, cleaned up the kitchen, baked some bread and had an awesome breakfast . Also, I'm in a painfully good mood *insert huge grin here*

"But how?" you may ask. I think the trick has two parts: I have been going to bed relatively early (for me. This means before 1am. I'm a student, okay?) and I left the curtains open so that the sun can wake me up in the morning. This didn't stop me from sleeping until 11 am a few days ago days (see infinite capacity for sleeping) but I have found myself waking up a little earlier every morning. The best part is that I actually feel awake too!

The only downside: I think this is working so well because the Mister is off on a skiing trip for the week. Getting to bed and getting up early tends to suffer when he is around. It's just so tempting to snuggle up to him for another five minutes and that's all i need to fall asleep again. I'm not sure he will be amused by the "curtains open" idea either but I'm going to put up a good fight about that.

I'm off now, figuring out the deeper secrets of the universe (ie revising Cosmology). I hope you have an awesome day! I've got a suspicion mine will be good.


  1. That looks yummy! I always feel better when I exercise or do something early in the morning, but it's hard to remember that when the alarm goes off sometimes :)

  2. Exactly which is why I'm so proud I managed it yesterday.


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