Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Dear awesome coffeeshop,
I think I'm going to dedicate my thesis to you and your fresh orange-apple juice.

Dear Sunshine,
you make me happy.

Dear flatmates,
I think it might be time to do some cleaning. Please don't call me Mommy again when I point this out to you.

Dear rushed people in the cafe,
you just treated yourself to some coffee and cake so why are you in such a rush to get going again? Also, stop hassling your children to eat faster, it's not good for them.

Dear coffee,
I think I'm beginning to like you. No offence, but I don't think this is a good  thing.


PS: Don't forget the Give-Away!


  1. Dear Sister, have a very lovley day. :)

  2. Dear you, I am stealing you note to your flatmates because mine sound the same...and coffee is good for you if you want it to be ;)

    1. Go for it! Not that it has helped with my flatmates so far... Might be "Giant note on the fridge time" soon.


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