Saturday, 10 March 2012

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The Lunch Project: Week 2

The ingredients for Monday's lunch

 I'm not going to lie, this week was pretty bad.

Monday: I made myself a vegetable stir-fry (or something similar) from all the things you can see above. I carried it to uni, open my box at lunch, had two forks full and realised there was no way I was going to eat this. I had seriously (and I mean seriously) underestimated how spicy the curry paste is. Very sad :( I got through the day with the snacks, which luckily also included some bread with pesto. Not a great day.

Tuesday: I overslept and ran out the house. Since there was no time for lunch packing, I had a sandwich instead. I did however grab the last brioches.

Wednesday: I tried to precook the night before but discovered that all my veggies had gone off. Turns out rice noodles taste okay with coconut milk, curry paste and soy sauce but it's a bit boring. Luckily I found some tofu in the freezer, marinated it overnight and fried it quickly in the morning. 

Thursday: Lunch consisted of leftover dinner the Mister made on Wednesday night: Fried chicken and cherry tomatoes in pesto on a bed of couscous. However, by this point I was definitely out of snacks so I got some chocolate in uni.

Friday: I was going to buy more veggies on Thursday but instead I got some stuffed pasta and just had that with pesto for dinner as well as for lunch. At least it's quick.

I think I had pesto every single day this week. I like the stuff but that's pushing it.

Monday's lunch. I only ate the snacks
So, over the entire week, I ate:

1 box of rice and vegetable curry (inedible)
1 sandwich in uni
1 box stuffed pasta with pesto
1 box of rice noodles in a coconut sauce with fried tofu
1 box of stuffed pasta with pesto
2 bananas
10 chocolate brioches
500 ml of Coca Cola
2 can "Relentless"
2 slices of bread with pesto
2 chocolate bars

All in all, this cost me 19.72 £ where I did not calculate any costs for the chicken and tomato dish because it was leftover from a dinner the Mister made. Including those ingredients, I'd come to an impressive 24.98£ Ouch.

Thursday's lunch were leftovers from Wednesday's dinner.
Plans for next week: Buy the drinks at the supermarket again, I got some in uni this week and that's just a waste of money. I did a pretty terrible job of sticking to my plan this week so that will have to be improved on. Also, less pesto and take it easy on the curry.

Since this week was such a disaster, I'm just going to keep the plan pretty similar two last week. I want to make three stir-fry/curry lunches and two consisting of pita bread. I'll let you know how it goes.

Plan for next week: Buy more vegetables and supplement them with tofu which should form three lunches. Go back to making pita bread for the other two.

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  1. That's too bad about your curry lunch. It looks good though. It's a drag to go through the effort to cook it and then find it's too spicy. Good luck with your lunch plans this week.



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