Sunday, 29 April 2012

Teaparties and Fairytales

 Speaking of Teaparties and Fairytales, I won a give-away over there a few days ago! I thought this was a good opportunity to present the blog to you, because it really is a treat to read.

Bronwen, also known as the Hedgefairy, writes about living life as a princess and her rather special dress sense (Lolita, for those of you who have heard it before), her drawings and photography, about food and daily moments, about words and writing and stories.

I especially love her "Favourite Words" collection. I sometimes stumble upon a word which somehow stands out but I generally forget again within a few minutes.(Stumble, by the way, is a great word). What an awesome idea to collect them and share them every month.

I'm also in awe of her drawing style. She works a lot in watercolours and in this digital age, there is just something about her paintings that stand out.

I won the lovely buttons you can see in the first picture and I am currently wearing the one with the tiny blue flowers, on the very left. Poor Bronwen had serious trouble contacting her original give-away winners. Well, their loss, my gain. The card came with it and it has already gone up on my wall.

All pictures are her property, apart from the first one which I took of my own presents. Please don't steal them.


  1. Thank you so much for the feature! I'm glad that you like my blog (and my drawing style. It means so much to me). I was thinking about changing the name again, but how could I, now that you called it "sweet"? ^^
    And I'm happy that the badges made it to you savely, too. Have an awesome day!

  2. I really like it, I think it says a lot about you and it fits the way you write really well.



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