Saturday, 28 April 2012

An award!

The Hedgefairy, over at Teaparties & Fairytales (isn't that a sweet name? ) has given me a blog award! Yay :) She has also sent me something really nice but I will tell you about that in a few days time.

 The rules are fairly simple:
1. List seven things about yourself.
2. Give the award to as many other bloggers that you think deserve it. ( just settled on three before I chose because otherwise I would never be able to pick one)

So, seven things first.
1. I love the word "lovely" and use it very regularly.
2. When I can't sleep, I mentally wander through houses and try to work out how I would decorate and furnish them if they were mine and I had money.
3. If given the choice between "meat and no veggies" and "veggies and no meat" I'd almost always go with the vegetables.
4. After I read a poem, my own voice in my head splits my thoughts up as if they were a poem too. It luckily lasts only a few minutes.
5. I am quite noise sensitive, things easily get too loud or too much for me. That doesn't stop me from occasionally listening to loud music on purpose.
6. I keep a very detailed spreadsheet of the money I spent and I actually really enjoy doing so.
7. I used to be very goth during my teenage years. Now I only dress up on some Saturday evenings when I go out to my favourite club.

Awesome bloggers who deserve it (You will be hearing more about these soon)
1. Loulou at Loulou Downtown: She writes in such a charming way about her daily life, I'm always looking forward to reading it.
2.Kristin at My life as a teacup: She is in a very similar position to me right now, just graduating from uni. Her posts rarely fail to make me smile.
3.Fiona at The corner of the Internet I call home: I love her travel adventures and her blog design is awesome. Such a great idea!

I could have made this list much much longer, there are so many awesome people out there but I'm sure other awards will come around and I can't use up all my ammunition with the first one ;).


  1. #1 - I say it a lot too! and #5 - I'm TOTALLY the same way. I've had sensitive ears since birth (my grandfather, a doctor, actually thought I might have a brain tumor when I was young because I was so sensitive) but sometimes if I'm angry or sad I BLAST the hell out of some awesome music in the car and it feels awesome.

    Congrats on the award!

    1. Thank you :)

      Yeah, that's exactly the logic. ;) I tend to turn up the music when I'm tired and a little unhappy but trying very hard to concentrate on something. I don't know why, but it helps.

  2. Oh wow - I'm very honoured to be listed!

    I wish I was as good as you with documenting expenditure - I'm really awful at keeping track of where my money goes... keeping a spreadsheet is a very admirable discipline!

    1. If I don't write it down all the time, my money just vanishes into nothing too. It funny how it always seems to be gone.

      You are welcome. :)

  3. Congratulations Zelde! Your blog is on my must-read list too. You seem to be so thoughtful and bright .. It's always interesting to see what you have to say. Also I so very much appreciate being given the award by you! Thank you for that. It's a pleasure to have you as an on-line friend!

    I'm the same way with loud sounds .. I do go to quite a few loud concerts, but I always wear earplugs! I even have some special ones designed for going to concerts, so the music is heard properly but not too loudly! And I love the Goth look so much. I bet you wear it well.

    1. Now I blushed. Thank you. :)

  4. Congrats! I love the list...we have a ton in common. I think it's brilliant that you keep a spreadsheet of the money you do you do this? I feel way too guilty looking over my purchases and therefore don't keep track ;)

  5. Congrats on receiving the award!

    I love organizing and lists and spreadsheets. I keep trying to stick to one for a budget, but that's the one list that doesn't seem to stay up to date ^^

    And I'm so honored to be on this list! Thank you so much for reading and I'm glad my blog makes you smile :D

    1. I tried making an actual budget but I think my life isn't steady enough so I find it easier to keep track of what I spent than trying to plan ahead.


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