Tuesday, 1 May 2012


sugar overload

Thank you for all your lovely comments yesterday. I did have a pretty good evening. The Mister and I took a long walk in the sunshine along the river Thames, had a drink and met a friend on the way home. Later that evening, we celebrated with copious amounts of Sushi.

Unfortunately, I'm not entirely done yet with uni. I have five exams between the 22.5. and the 1.6. so from now until then, I will be revising hard. To make carrying all the suff I need a little easier, I have sewn myself two drawstring bags. Nothing special in terms of sewing but look at that fabric! It's got cupcakes on it, and hearts!


  1. My boyfriend is in the same boat right now and being his main emotional supporter I'll pass on some of my words to you..."You can do it. I won't bug you!" ;) The second half is more specifically geared to the fact that it's so hard to not bug people when you live with them!

  2. I know. Being stressed really doesn't make for an easy time with other people. Good luck to your boyfriend!


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