Thursday, 12 July 2012


Jobs I would love to do

Who wouldn’t love to have so much money in the bank that you never have to work at all? That sort of thing aside, here are a list of jobs I would genuinely like to do and which I think are within my range if I set my mind to it. In no particular order:

1. Property development

I love houses, especially old and quirky ones and I think I got an eye for the potential in them. I would absolutely love to buy them up, refurbish them and then rent them out or sell them on. I’m seeing myself more in an investor and project manager role as actually doing the building works even though I wouldn’t mind some of that either. I definitely want to completely renovate at least one house in my life, preferably an unexpected one.

2. Research Psychology

I’m absolutely fascinated by questions concerning memory, decision making and character traits. Why are some people charismatic and others not? When is this sort of thing decided? Why do some have really good memory and others don’t? How do we pick partners, friends and foes (or a new sauce pan for that matter)?

3. Retail design

Yep, I’d really like to design shop interiors. This kind of brings together 1 and 2. I firmly believe to be a good retail designer one would have to have a good understanding of behavioural economics. After all, this is all about influencing consumers decision making, paired with some interior design.

4. Professor in Physics at a University

I’d want to do a mixture between doing my own research in theoretical physics and teaching at university level. I really enjoy many parts of this: the problem solving, the paper writing (yes, really) and I’m looking forward to the teaching as well even though I haven’t done it so far. This is the career I’m currently heading for.

5. Development work

This is a very vague category, mainly because I’m quite vague was to what this entails. I’d love to make a difference in this world and use my skills and privileges position to help others but I’m just not sure how to go about this. I checked the Unicef website yester and apart from a minimum age of 25, I learned that on has to have a degree and two years work experience in a relevant field even for a volunteering position. What is a relevant field?

6. Company Consulting

I did a brief stint of that a few years ago (just an internship) and I really enjoyed the content. I love problem solving and trying to come up with constructive ideas. I admittedly wouldn’t mind the money either but that’s not why I’d do it.

7. Be a scientist/engineer, setting up the occasional spin-out

A spin-out is a company that takes something developed in a research lab and turns it into a commercial product. Unfortunately, doing theoretical physics isn’t such a great combination with this, it needs more of a hands-on approach in the lab but I’ve got my whole life ahead of me so I doubt I will be working on only one topic for the rest of my life anyway. This is a future option I’m keeping in mind.

8. Be a Housewife and Mother

Surprised? Most people who know me probably would be but I do love children and enjoy most domestic tasks. I would like to bring up a large family and stay home looking after the kids. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to happen because it would be a waste of my pretty head, education and ambition apart from the fact that I think it would put an unfair financial responsibility on my (hypothetical) husband. I will however try my very best to mix having a family with something else.

I’m sure there are more jobs I would like to do if I knew more about them/could think of the right now/came across them so this list is by no means exhaustive.


If you could pick completely freely right now, what would you love to do?


  1. two days ago I thought about what I would love to do: I would like to buy a former farm (without the fields of course, just the building an a biiig garden), renovate it and when I have children, I would like to take care of other peoples children as well. Not the rest of my life, but I can see me doing this while my own children are small, because I grow up on a former farm myself and I loved it.
    And I think that it's important for children to have other children to play with.
    Fortunately I learn something that could be done from home (software developer) so maybe I can make this dream come true in a few years...

    1. Oh wow, that sounds amazing too. If you make sure you have a good internet connection to your farm, working from home might actually work. Good luck with this!

  2. I think I would want to be a writer! I could imagine writng novels, short stories or even a newspaper column.
    Working in a theatre would also be nice, either as an actress or as a stylist. Jewelry design intrests me a lot, too but as you mentioned I feel like it would be a waste of my mind.
    As a child I always wanted to go into archeology.
    Your ideas all sound amazing, especially the first one! That would just be great!!!

    1. I hae considered some more creative jobs but I think I'd lose interest quite quickly. I'd rather keep them as a hobby. Also, I'm not that good at being creative on demand which might be a problem... ;)

      Archeology sounds great. I wanted to be an anthropologist for quite some time.

  3. I'd love to be a professional comic artist. Sometimes with a writer, sometimes not, throwing in a t-shirt design or two from time to time, being part of the artist alley at conventions, someting like that. I'm working on that.
    Or character development assistant for TV shows and movies, if there was something like that - I love continuity and good design. When I watch something I'm so often upset that something just doesn't feel right or something is lacking for the design of a character an their surroundings... I guess that would be a career in costume and scenic design, actually.

    And I love your ideas! The first and third one have crossed my mind once or twice, too, I must admit. What ever it will be you'll do some day, you'll do great, I'm sure.

    1. I do wonder who is responsible for character continuity in films. Probably nobody, which is why things tend to go wrong. An interesting thought, you should create this job!

  4. Your post is great! I ask myself not the same question but something like this. I spent a lot of time thinking of my working life. I don't want to work 40 or more hours per week. I think 30 hours a week would be a perfect balance between work, hobbies and general life. My priorities are changed. Thats why i decided to extend my master studies.
    What would i love to do in the future?
    -Became professional with visual analytics and work for an institute (there is a climatic research institute near by.. )
    -Have my own project or business with hobby-related content
    -Own a little craft store, knitting and sewing, with a huge shelf with good books inside

    I'm working on two points :)
    I also have some points about my abilities which i want to improve on my todo list.

    1. Yes, work-life balance has crossed my mind quite a few times. A few of the jobs listed above, especially 4,6 and 7 require very long work hours so I am really torn at the moment whether this is a good idea.

      I love your idea of having a small craft store. That would be amazing!


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