Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Owl Post


A while ago Centi, over at centibastelt, sounded a little lonely on a forum we are both on so I (and a few other people) offered to send her postcards. She replied with this absolutely adorable owl you can see above. Have I mentioned that I love owls (and sheep)?

For the card I sent her, I took one of London’s most common postcard motives, the house of parliament with a red bus on the bridge, and made my own paper cut version. Since I somehow forgot to take a picture before sending it, I borrowed Centi’s picture to show you.


Have I already complained how incredibly difficult it is to get decent pictures of anything at the moment? It’s been raining for weeks and we seem to live in perpetual twilight. It’s dark, it’s grey and it’s depressing. I want summer please.


  1. Ah, sie ist angekommen! Freut mich, dass sie dir gefällt! =)

  2. Hihi ...die verschwommene Fotografie als Augen ist ja mal ne tolle Idee!

    1. Fand ich auch.Die Eule schaut so schön verwirrt.

  3. Both cards are really pretty, it was extremely creative to make our own paper cut version!


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