Tuesday, 3 July 2012



… I am surprised by how much more enjoyable a fairly simple meal becomes when laid out nicely on a plate. Take the example above: originally, I was going to toss all the ingredients together to make a salad but somewhere along the lines I decided to instead separate them out. I’m sure the salad would have been fine but like this it turned into a special treat. I don’t know what it is about well presented food but it makes me appreciate it more. I also find that I take more time to enjoy it, instead of doing my usual manoeuvre of clearing a space on the kitchen table just the size of my plate or, even worse, balancing the plate in one hand while eating with the other.

Do you bother to present food well or is it all the same to you?


  1. Sometimes I present food well - sometimes I don't. But I also appreciate it more and take more time to enjoy it when I place it nicely. :)

    1. I do exactly the same. Most of the time, I'm just too lazy to do it but when I get round to it, it is really nice.

    2. Yeah, exactly :) That's just how it's with me too!

  2. Well, I like, if food looks so gorgeous as on your photograph. But I m too lazy to arrange it beautifully.


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