Thursday, 6 September 2012

Three weeks in Thailand


For the last few weeks, I wasn’t only metaphorically on holiday from the internet but I actually went away as well. My family loves travelling and so I joined them on this years trip to Thailand, where we spent a total of three weeks.

The first two and a half weeks, we lived in a holiday home on the island Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand. Samui really is tropical paradise. White sandy beaches, palm trees, sunshine and turquois waters as far as the eye can reach, interrupted only by small green islands rising in the distance. If you come from grey rainy London, it seems almost unreal.

For the last few days, we travelled on to a city on the mainland called Hua Hin, before returning to Bangkok via another city called Petchaburi. Petchaburi is famous for its temples and one of the summer palaces of the king. After a final 24 hours in Bangkok, we returned home to Switzerland.

I took lots and lots of pictures, both for you and for myself but unfortunately, something went wrong along the way and most of them seem to be lost. The card, which I thought should hold them, is empty. Recovery programs didn’t help. Luckily, my mother also took pictures and I haven’t given up hope yet of recovering mine. It does mean however that I will show you my travel pictures slightly out of order, starting with the last few days because I already have pictures for that.


  1. Oh wow, I bet this trip was amazing! Such a bummer that you may not have your photos...I hope you can find a way to get them back!

    1. I still have this vague hope that I just have the wrong SD card and that the right one will magically turn up. I just don't have any other explanation for this problem...

  2. OK I`ll have a look and check all SD cards in the house!


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