Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Goodbye 2012


Looks like another year is over. Time to look back and take stock.

In some ways, 2012 was a year of extremes for me. In the first few months, I worked harder than ever before (expect possibly last year at the same time) and I completed my degree to my own satisfaction, which is saying something considering I tend to have very high expectations of myself. After some fairly lazy travelling over the summer, life seemed to slow down towards the end of the year. While I did a few things, many things just sort of didn’t happen (like blogging) and I spent a lot of time on the sofa. Having nothing to do and constantly having to motivate yourself is much harder than I expected, especially in a long-term, fairly open ended situation. I did learn a few things about myself though and I’m planning on using those to carry me forward from here.

In some ways, I did not take very good care of myself. There was too much time on the sofa, too little great evenings with friends and too much hiding away from the world. On the other hand, I finally managed to grow into my subject a bit more, especially after finishing my degree, because I suddenly had time and motivation to read a lot for interest. I also really enjoyed the travelling I did and I had some great times with the Mister.

All in all, there were no big catastrophes and if I’m being honest, not even small ones. Somehow 2012 seems to have passed incredibly slowly and very fast at the same time. For 2013, I want to stand taller, be more bold and put more energy into the projects that are important to me. Oh, and complain less! ( Please quote me on this)


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